A22 offers maintenance services from bow to stern!

Checks, maintenance, troubleshooting, interior and exterior cleaning, refueling, mooring assistance, desalting, pontoon service, uncovering and covering, accessories installation, crew supply, we accompany you to adapt our services to your sailing style.


We will diagnostic and keep our eyes on your boat all year long.


Our dedicated staff and external suppliers will keep your lovely boat in perfect condition.

Interior and exterior cleaning

Our team will keep your boat clean as new, inside and oustside.


Don’t waste your time at the Gas station , your familly time onboard is precious !

Mooring assistance

Jump onboard , we will help you to leave your berth and to moor the boat when you are back.


The salty environnement  is agressive , we will keep your boat protected from salt and Sun, to make his life longer !

Pontoon service

All our staff remain at your disposal, when you jump on board , fridges and ice maker are running, the air-conditioning system is on , just turn the keys ….

Uncovering and covering

Cover your boat is the first thing to do , if you want to keep it in mint condition.  We will do it for you  after cleanning and drying.

Accessories installation

We will provide you the better solutions , to add accessories, or extras to your  boat.

Crew supply

For a single day , or for a complet season , we will propose you a selection of capitains and crew members , to make your life easier onboard .